Shark Shifters_cvr5Reviews for Seduced by Shark Shifters:

Heating Up the Atlantic  Totally enjoyed this book.  It is well written with an interesting story line.  The characters are deep, the sex is steaming, the author knows his stuff!  Please give us more! – Johnny D.

SHARK ME!!!  I enjoyed this book tremendously.  The characters are complex and the story line is intriguing.  I’m glad Rafe Jadison followed his muse into the ocean for this one.  Please give us more, Rafe! – WitchyWoman69

Sex has never been better  If you want to take a plunge into a sexy…and I mean sexy, fun book, then this is the choice to make. Stick with it and it will pay you back ten fold. Rafe Jadison, I took a chance on an unfamiliar author, but please put more books out there. I want the fun to continue!!! – Anonymous

BlakeBlacksOut_cvr7Reviews for Blake Blacks Out:

Another naughty night with a great book!  Thank you!!! Thank you for another one!!!! Another naughty night with a great book! – Anonymous

Great Quickie!  I love the new “Differing Sexuality” Series. This book treats people with sexual dysfunctions with respect. I can’t wait to see which condition Rafe writes about next. – WitchyWoman69

ReapThis_cvr4Reviews for Reap This:

Jadison’s Hot Page Turner  Reap This takes the reader to a witches den–with a twist. If you like sizzling sex and characters that actually think, then this is a must read. From the first page to the last Rafe Madison keeps the reader engaged. I’m looking forward to more from this new author. – Silva

I found this page when reading a review he wrote. Great story. It was sexy and romantic and spicy. I really enjoyed it. – Whitmanfan43

I really enjoyed this story, I have no idea how I nearly missed it. A true jem! – Novella Girl

Reap Lots of Great Erotica Fun! Great read! Please give us the next book in the series soon! Loved it!!!!!!! – Anonymous

I loved the character of Seamus and the way he relates to his family. The representation of the pagan faith is spot-on. I recommend this book to everyone. Great work Rafe Jadison! Can’t wait to read more! – Tegan Lleuad

The sexy scenes in this book are HOT! I am buying the other books from this author right now. Rafe Jadison is the ace! – Jose456

Halloween Shenannigans  I stumbled on this book while looking for something else, and man am I glad I did!  Reap this is a great story full of Halloween images and great sex.  I had to smoke two cigarettes after this one.  A great story with a surprising twist at the end.  – Georgie Boy




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