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Something Different

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out my latest release, a romantic comedy about second chances that proves sometimes we do get better with age.  

When Jason Chidworth meets his ex, Howard, for coffee, Jason finds that he can’t resist going for the jugular, and surprises himself by taking it too far. After Howard leaves, Jason hatches a scheme to win Howard back. Under the guise of celebrating their “divorceary”, Jason convinces Howard to spend the weekend with him celebrating. Jason soon recruits their newly adult children, and a maternal figure from their past to assist him in his machinations. 

When Jason convinces Howard that they’re broke, Howard allows Jason to move back into the family home, and agrees to help Jason out at the cleaning company they built together so many years ago. They quickly find themselves in bed again, but believing Jason’s story, Howard rejects him thinking that Jason needs to focus on the business. 

In a moment of spite, Jason asks Howard to recruit jobs the cleaning part of the company has turned down. Jason soon regrets his decision, but Howard refuses to give up, certain that he will save their family business. Finding himself in one precarious situation after the other, Howard hilariously persists while Jason works diligently in the kitchen and the house, in hopes of lightening his own suffering when Howard finally finds out the truth. 

It doesn’t take long for Jason to learn that Howard will do anything for him, and in almost comic fashion, they confront the things in their past that drove them apart.

Meet Mark

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, the waves are heating up again at Shark Beach.  Check out my newest release Seduced by Shark Shifters IV:  Mark’s Midlife.  

Mark Dauphin loves his nephews, Sam and Logan, and he’ll do anything his brother-in-law Cole asks, but when Cole wants Mark to play nice with Stefano Magnussi, Mark isn’t sure he can comply. Stefano is hotter than fire, but Mark can’t see past the fact that Stefano is one of those guys, the type of men who date guys half their age, the type of guys who made Mark give up on dating.

Of course, a little wine and several cocktails later, Mark finds himself dropping more than his defenses with Stefano. But when Logan and the rest of Mark’s family surprise them in the morning, Mark and Stefano are suddenly at odds.

When Logan’s ego is wounded, not only does Mark find himself desperate to fix his relationship with his nephew, but he also questions whether his night with this beautiful man meant anything to either of them. Mark isn’t given much time to reflect though, as the war that’s been brewing between the shivers comes to a violent head, and he soon learns that sometimes you just have to trust in those around you.

Shark Face Neon

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