Come Meet Logan

If you liked Sam in Seduced by Shark Shifters, come meet his younger and equally sexy brother, Logan. Logan is the kind of guy who always follows the beat of his own drum, and when his father sends him off to Shark Beach to check up on Sam, Logan finds himself in a big old load of trouble. Come find out how things work out for Logan in Seduced by Shark Shifters II: Logan’s Tail. This ebook went on sale today and is currently available for purchase at Amazon and Smashwords. It should roll over to other ebook retailers within a few days, and I’ll keep you posted.   I hope you enjoy it.

Light and Love,


Recent college grad Logan White has always strayed a bit from the beaten path, and his brother Sam and his best friend Tom have always helped guide him back. So Logan is more than a little surprised when his father sends him away to check up on Sam. Reluctantly leaving his recently widowed father, and the best friend who has started to fill Logan with all kinds of odd feelings, Logan ventures to Shark Beach. But as Logan explores Shark Beach, and meets sexy Stefano and Stefanie Magnussi, he finds out that Sam really is in danger. Determined to rescue his brother, Logan searches for the mysteries of Shark Beach, and soon finds that sometimes the only thing you can do is put your tail on the line for those you love.

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